The Only Road Legal Aston Martin Vulcan in the World

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Ferrari corsa clienti may consider jumping ship after hearing that this latest, greatest Aston Martin track car is able to be driven on the public roads.

If you’re a fan of Aston Martin, and how could you not be, you know about the 1-of-24-made Aston Martin Vulcan. It’s a $2.3-million dollar rolling showcase of what Aston Martin can do when the engineers are left to their own devices. The 7.0L V12 engine produces a massive 820 naturally-aspirated horsepower, all of which is sent to the rear wheels. A track day special that stands out among the blasé track day specials from the likes of Ferrari, or Porsche.

It’s gorgeous. However, the Vulcan was built as a track-only vehicle, they are not road legal. Though, perhaps I should say, they weren’t road legal, until now. British racing enterprise, The RML Group, have successfully converted one of those 24 Vulcans into a road legal car. The changes are so brilliantly executed that you may as first not notice them.

This Vulcan now sports headlights, for one thing, and they aren’t just some tacked on safari lights. The RML Group successfully retrofitted the lights from the gorgeous DB11 road car. Additionally, the Vulcan’s sinister looking exposed taillight membranes now feature enclosures. Oh, and they’ve also fitted turn signals, which have been dubbed wingdicators. Yes, they are vertically inset on the Vulcan’s rear wing end plates.

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The conversion is more than just some lights and a number plate slapped on. While the glorious V12 engine is untouched, the cooling system was given fans (what a novel concept) for stop-and-go traffic. Additionally, the sequential racing transmission has been recalibrated for slightly less brutal operation around town. RML also changed out the seats for some more comfortable buckets. Oh yeah, and Michelin street tires have been fitted to the Vulcan’s wheels, because that bit of tread will save it from being ditch-fodder on a rainy day.

What do you think about this 1-of-1 road legal Vulcans? Does it diminish the purity of the car, or does it improve it’s accessibility? Drop a comment, and let us know. Aston Martin Vulcan road legal street car version

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