Porsche GT4, GT3, GT3 RS, or Turbo?

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Porsche GT cars are all built by the same GT Department. So, how different can they be? Obsessed Garage drives all of them to find out.

The Porsche Cayman GT4 is the entry level GT car. What makes the GT4 different than a Cayman S? Starting with the Cayman, the GT Department adds the front suspension out of the GT3. The Cayman GT4 has the Carrera S motor, bumping power to 385 horsepower. The GT Department developed a unique rear suspension setup for the GT4. The Cayman is also equipped with a GT style aero package, including a front air dam, rear wing, intake scoops, and a unique rear bumper. A set of GT3 style wheels and a manual transmission complete the package.

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In stock form, the Cayman GT4 is a real drivers car. The inputs are pure and very sharp. The manual transmission offers a rev-match system to assist in downshifting, but you can turn the system off. The GT department developed the GT4 to address the numerous demands of Porsche owners to put the Carrera engine in the Cayman chassis. Also Porsche removed the manual transmission from the 991.1 GT3 in 2015. A large amount of GT3 buyers complained about the lack of a manual transmission option. Although the GT3 is still the faster car on a track, the GT4 is more involving to drive.

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In this video Obsessed Garage’s Matt Moreman takes his first drive ever in a Cayman GT4. Matt is a 991 GT3 owner and has his car, a GT4, a GT3 RS, and a Turbo on hand to drive. This video is the first of four, in which he drive all the Porsche GT cars back to back. The GT4 is the only manual transmission. You can see the delight Matt gets from shifting the gears himself. This particular GT4 has no mufflers and it sounds amazing. The raw and angry roar of the 3.8 liter flat six is magical on this winding back-country road. The review is a first impression piece from a regular car guy and we love that at 6SpeedOnline. In conclusion, give the video a watch and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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