Poll: Alfa Romeo 4C Versus Mercedes A45 AMG

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These two cars are not direct rivals. I doubt that the same people looking at the Mercedes’ little, wannabe, rally car are really considering the 4C. They do, however, have some things in common.

For instance, both cars are relatively small for the type of performance they have. Well, the Mercedes is “relatively” small, at least.  It tips the scales at a measly 3100 lbs, which for Mercedes, is about as light as it gets short of the A-Class. Despite that, it’s has a real AWD system which enables a zero-to-60 of under five seconds. Oh, and it makes a touch over 350 horsepower. That’s without any kind of aftermarket finagling. Just imagine what it’ll be like when it’s get’s it’s own black series model. Key though, for Mercedes is that it’s the smallest, sporty vehicle they make. The 4C is same thing for Fiat.

Well, sorta. Alfa Romeo’s 4C takes the traditional route towards performance. Instead of adding power, and turbos, and AWD, they took away weight. By some black magic, the 4C is a street legal car in europe at under a ton. United States safety regulations bring that weight up to about 2200 lbs (airbags, crash structures, etc.) The old formula works with the help of new technology. A dual-clutch gear box reduces shifting times to a blink. It gets to sixty in about 4 and a half seconds thanks to it’s 240 horsepower and no weight. Small is definitely in.

Both of these cars are very different, clearly, but their absolute performance isn’t that far off from one another. I think it’s likely that, depending on the circumstances, there a number of instances where the Mercedes would be able to pull the Alfa. I know light and rwd makes for a fast car, but you can’t just cut out raw power and grip. It’s an issue of preference. Where do you stand?

Alfa Romeo 4C or Mercedes A45 AMG?

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