Why the Rear-Wheel-Drive Audi R8 is the Better R8

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In a surprising move, Audi is making 999 examples of RWD Audi R8, and in this cool clip, we see it in action.

It was quite a surprise in 2017 to find out Audi is making a rear-wheel drive car again. Then again, the Audi R8 has been a pleasant surprise since its inception. An Italian heart beating under the efficiency and cut of a German suit is just the start.

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It’s turned out to be one of the most compelling supercars you can actually daily drive. On the road and track it sticks to the ground like Superglue to a finger, and the engine is perhaps one of the best out there in supercar land. Around town and on the freeway it’s a comfortable and compliant eyeball magnet.

For what Audi set out to do, it’s almost perfect. But in this video from Moto1 UK‘s YouTube channel, Vicky Parrot throws the RWS (Rear Wheel Series) version around some back roads in Wales to find out if it truly makes sense.

Parrot finds out that even in the wet and snow decorated countryside it’s not made the R8 skittish. She seems pleasantly surprised that the handling of the rear-wheel drive Audi R8 has retained its original fluidity and bite. If the handling has actually improved, we can only hope Audi’s toe in the water for a rear-wheel drive car leads to more models getting the RWS treatment. In fact, given BMW has started making all-wheel drive performance cars, this could be the first indication Audi is thinking about crossing into BMW’s traditional rear-wheel drive market space as well. The idea of some tail-happy Audi S models should get some BMW M car purists thinking. It’s certainly got us wondering. That kind of elevation in the German automaker’s competition would certainly be good for all of us enthusiasts.

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