Riding the Lamborghini Raging Bull

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What feature did Lamborghini forget to put on the Huracán? Push-bars and a saddle, of course.

When it comes to acts of stupidity and lunacy, we enjoy watching other people perform them. When it comes to Lunacy with a Lamborghini, DailyDrivenExotics have turned things up a notch in this YouTube video. Actually, let’s make that two or three notches.

Riding the raging bull - Lamborghini.

Daily Driven Exotics is an entertainment group based in Canada. It’s based around entrepreneur Damon Fryer and his quest to build a lifestyle brand. At its core, are exotic cars, action sports, and popular culture. In this video, we see the exotic car combined with the action sport of bull-riding. Some may call it stupid, unnecessarily dangerous or even blasphemy. We’re just going to call it a bad joke being made into reality though.

The highlight of the video is Fryer doing donuts in a Lamborghini with a guy sitting under the wing in a small parking lot with walls closing it in. After all, what could possibly go wrong? Thankfully, nothing does this time. Or with a guy laying spread eagle on the roof and holding onto the top of the doors. Standing on the hood though for donuts though, that was never going to work.


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Before the bull riding starts, we see the DailyDrivenExotics Lamborghini project car going to the shop. It looks like the plan is to turn Fryer’s Huracán into a rally car, and the first step is to install a front push bar. Exactly how far down that road Fryer plans to go is unclear at the moment. However, we will certainly be following his channel with interest. It won’t be the first Lamborghini to have a push-bar, but with DailyDrivenExotics mentality it could turn out to be the most fun.

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