Twin Supercharged 599 GTB Adds Italian Flavor to Formula Drift

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Driver Federico Sceriffo was the man behind all the smoke, noise, and fire at Formula Drift Long Beach.

No one ever really needs a twin supercharged Ferrari 599 GTB, but in the world of Formula Drift, it’s exactly what you want. Debuting at the Bologna Motor Show on December 5th of last year in this video is FFF Drifting Department’s latest drift build. Powered by Ferrari’s 6.0-liter V12, this monster makes a reported 900 horsepower on low boost. And, with Federico Sceriffo at the helm, it’ll be coming to Formula Drift events all throughout 2018.

Formula Drift has expanded in the US to a multi-round championship, with points being scored based on how well the judges think you do. Now, don’t think of this as an exhibition of showing off, since there’s some serious skill involved here. Smoothness is key, with points deductions for excessive steering movements and transitions that lack in overall fluidity. Additionally, there is an ideal line to follow, so car control is an absolute must. Drivers are judged by how much they commit to a corner as well, with that aforementioned line often spanning the full width of the tarmac, including how close you dare come to some of the retaining walls. In the video above, Sceriffo was simply in an exhibition event. In Formula Drift, he’ll be much closer to clipping walls.

Formula Drift Ferrari 599 GTB Twin supercharged

Formula Drift’s first event for the season was April 6/7 in Long Beach, California, in conjunction with the IndyCar Long Beach Grand Prix. Formula D used this venue in 2015 to break new ground, being the first to ever compete at Long Beach in a night event. Check out our pre-game day coverage of event right here.


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Sadly, Sceriffo’s Ferrari took a brutal beating when he was up against competitor Chelsea Denofa. An inadvertent tap between the two cars resulted in the damaged Ferrari hitting the wall at speed. A fuel line was damaged and the car caught fire in a big way. For some reason, the vehicle’s fire suppression system malfunctioned, and Formula Drift’s fire marshalls were slow to react.

Sceriffo is okay, and as for his twin-supercharged Ferrari, it will be okay, too…Eventually. The Italian drift star took to Instagram to assure everyone that his prancing horse will be back and tearing it up in no time. We can’t wait to hear that wailing twin-supercharged Ferrari belting it’s V12 harmonies off the buildings. God speed, Sceriffo.

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