Reminder: Reckless Driving at Cars and Coffee Makes You Look Like a Tool

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No one cares about your burnouts at Cars and Coffee, until you get busted by the cops.

As the old saying goes, there’s a time and a place for everything. Want to do a gnarly burnout and send an old set of tires to the afterlife? Find an abandoned country road, far away from civilization. Want to get some quick pulls or a bit of racing action in? Hit the drag strip, or, even better, learn how to actually drive and go to a road course. Did you notice that none of those places listed were your local Cars and Coffee event?

That said, we here at 6SpeedOnline remember when we were 16, freshly-licensed, doing burnouts left, right and center. However, when you only have about 100 wheel horsepower at your disposal, you’re less likely to hurt anyone, or anything, other than your ego, on that quiet country road.


Of course, that was millions of years ago, before everyone had a smartphone, or a GoPro on hand at all times, waiting for those costly lapses of judgment. By now, we had thought everyone had gotten the memo: stop doing stupid and reckless stuff at your local Cars and Coffee. After all, everyone has seen the Mustang crashes, or the hilarious BMW M4 scandal. We, as a car-loving society should know better.

Cars and Coffee Burnouts Reckless Driving Busted by Cops Police Supercars

So, you could imagine our surprise when this video from High Tech Corvette, out of Texas shows almost every car leaving a Cars and Coffee event trying, and usually failing, to impress the crowds watching curbside. In fact, no one on the sidelines seems to care much at all, until the cops show up and start pulling over these idiots by the dozen. Congratulations, you got your three seconds of fame, hope it was worth that fat ticket.

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