Nissan GT-Rs Battle for the Top Through Insane Horsepower

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With over 6,000 horses to the corners between them, two of the buffest Nissans around slam the doors at over 200 mph.

The Nissan GT-R isn’t usually the first car that comes to mind when one thinks of drag racing, but there are plenty out there tuned to the nines and pulling in the numbers one quarter-mile at time.

And then, there are those who transform their GT-Rs into absolute abominations. YouTube channel That Racing Channel was at Houston Raceway in Houston, Texas for TX2K19 to document two of these monsters, each putting out over 3,000 white-fire-breathing stallions to all corners.

ETS-G Nissan GT-R

“We’re out here at TX2K with a car,” said Gidi Chamdi, driver of the Extreme Turbo Systems ETS-G GT-R. “We’re excited for this event. This event holds a special place in my heart because it’s the first time we ran a six was here two years ago. We’re just waiting to go out… we’re gonna go send the car out and try to improve that number.”

Earlier in the day, the ETS-G GT-R laid down a mind-blowing 6.914 at 211.93 mph. Chamdi believes his car can run over 225 mph “if everything goes right,” thanks to improvements in technology since the car first ran two years ago at TX2K17.

AMS Alpha Queen Nissan GT-R

ETS’s opponent is none other than the AMS Performance AMS Alpha Queen. The rose gold GT-R makes over 3,300 horsepower, and holds the world record for the highest-recorded horsepower rating for a GT-R. The twin-turbo behemoth laid down its own gauntlet at TX2K19 with a time of 7.104 seconds at 207.91 mph, nearly matching that in its second run at 7.097 seconds and 206.51 mph. And of course, a third run brought the rose gold Nissan its best effort that day: 6.879 seconds at 216.06 mph. This looks like a battle for the ages.


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“We started with the car that was formerly the Alpha G,” said ETS owner JR Perrott. “We took that car, took the motor, turbo, drivetrain, suspension, everything out of it… Motor is the ETS, what we call our 2,500-horsepower motor build, which is actually capable of well over that.”

ETS-G Nissan GT-R Engine

The motor is practically all-billet, from the block to the CNC-ported heads, and uses a front-mounted twin-turbo system by ETS. Perrott says his GT-R has done “eight consecutive sub 1.20 60-foots between two tracks,” and only a couple of runs in the six-second range. The setup for both runs and its upcoming battle with the Alpha Queen is 70 pounds of boost, meaning around 3,200 horsepower on tap for domination.

ETS-G Nissan GT-R v AMS Alpha Queen Nissan GT-R

“We’re out here. We find ourselves in a race,” said Perrott. “I personally like to just go for the big numbers, but sometimes when you race, you have to race smart. We’ve done a by-run, go to our next round. We’ll try to run hopefully a 6.80, 6.90. Then in the final, we’ll give it whatever we have.”

The two GT-Rs finally meet at the end of the affair in the cover of night. Right off the line, the Alpha Queen appears to have the upper hand over the ETS-G, but something knocked the wind out of its sails halfway down the track. The final result is a win for the ETS-G with a time of 6.731 and 223.36 mph, versus the Alpha Queen’s 8.111-second run at 121.21 mph. Truly a clash of the titans for the ages.

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