V10 Lotus Exige? Why I Do Believe I Will!

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V10 Lotus

BMW’s E60 M5 once was one of the best sounding engine exhaust notes on the planet. It’s naturally aspirated V10 motor was a tower of power, and made a sound that more closely resembles that of a Formula 1 racecar than your standard road car. It remains, a personal favorite, and a car I’d love to own sometime in the future. However, today we’re not featuring the whole car, rather just the engine, which has been swapped into something absolutely ludicrous. A Lotus.

Billed as a German Venom GT, the car started out as a Lotus Exige and has quickly turned into something absolutely gob-smacking. Using the 5.0-liter V10 out of an M5, a Porsche Boxster S six-speed gearbox, and brakes from the same Porsche, this is truly a franken-car. But in the best way possible. It’s a death trap on wheels. A psychotic animal waiting on baited breath to tear you limb from limb, and we want one.

You can take a better look at the car here, and listen to that V10 howl as well. Just one question, how much money does this guy want, because I’ll start saving right now.

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