27 Mar 2015

Get an Eyeful of Some of the Awesome Cars at the 2015 DFW Auto Show


Should you happen to be in the Dallas/Fort Worth area this weekend, get yourself some Texas BBQ and sweet tea, wash your hands, then get down to the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center. That’s where the 2015 DFW Auto Show is taking place.

27 Mar 2015

KSI Raps About a Lamborghini

ks1 fly

Mustang Sally, Little Deuce Coupe, and countless other songs have all been written about or involving cars throughout the ages. Usually, the just mention the car a few times and are done with it. Not KSI.

27 Mar 2015

Lykan Hypersport Featurette from Fast and Furious 7


In the latest installment of the Fast and the Furious franchise, number seven if you’ve lost count, the producers and directors went all out on the cars

27 Mar 2015

What It Takes to Make a Lamborghini Film


Have you ever wondered how Top Gear, or /Drive, or really any manufacturer films their commercials and videos? Have you ever wanted to see the behind the scenes workings of how it’s all done?

26 Mar 2015

Pennzoil’s Dodge Challenger Hellcat Video is Orgasmic!


Believe it or not, you’re about to watch an advertisement for Pennzoil synthetic motor oil. But what it’ll look like to you is a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat drifting around on some tarmac while being lifted into the air.