22 Jul 2014

USCC Racing Heads to Indianapolis for the Brickyard Grand Prix This Weekend


The USCC heads to Indianapolis for the Brickyard Grand Prix this weekend. This race will be made up of a full field, with 49 cars representing all four classes on the 2.435 mile permanent road course. With only five races left in the 2014 championship, the teams will be fighting very for any chance to [...]

22 Jul 2014

Jaguar’s F-Type Coupe is the Best Support Vehicle Ever


Jaguar is quickly becoming one of my favorite car company’s lately. Not only do they have one of the most strikingly beautiful cars around, but the company’s press department seems to be having all the fun in the world and are pretty much allowed to get away with anything they can think up. Get villains [...]

22 Jul 2014

Exclusive Spy Shots: The New Acura NSX Might Not Be Vaporware

Honda-Acura NSX Spy Shots Slider2

Here’s the thing, I honestly don’t think that Acura will ever actually be done with the new NSX. I know we’ve seen prototypes testing, concept cars, and about a million other pieces of information suggesting that there is an NSX coming to production sometime soon. Even Acura has it slated in its press releases to [...]

21 Jul 2014

Whew! Aston Martin Will Not Produce a SUV


  In great brand news, Aston Martin has apparently cancelled the plan to build a Lagonda SUV! Hooray! I say this because, I was never a fan of the idea of Aston Martin creating a SUV. While other manufacturers like Porsche have succeeded with the Cayenne and the upcoming Macan. Aston Martin shouldn’t trade in [...]

21 Jul 2014

Stick It! Chevy SS Will Get a Manual


Three pedal fans rejoice, the Stingray Corvette won’t be the only GM car that gets a proper transmission! Earlier this year, news broke that GM was possibly considering a manual for the Chevy SS, GM’s newest super saloon brought over from Australia. The SS is essentially just a rebadged Holden Commadore, and many fans of [...]