27 Nov 2014

Air Drive is a Retro-Futuristic Photo Series of Flying Cars


Imagine the ultimate modification to your favorite ride – making it float. Like a car out of a Sci-Fi movie like Blade Runner or The Fifth Element. That’s what French artist/photographer Renaud Marion created for Air Drive, a retro-futuristic photographic series of flying cars.

26 Nov 2014

Tax the Rich’s Newest Video is Epically Awesome


Their latest edition of supercar mania has all the makings for yet another viral hit. Ferrari F50? Check. Canal? Check. Wakeboarder? That’s a hell yeah check.

26 Nov 2014

Nissan Launches the Anniversary Edition of the GT-R


The Nissan GT-R is a hell of a performer. It’s relatively low price and ridiculous stats make it very close to an everyone’s supercar. However, many don’t know that the GT-R nameplate has been around for going on 45 years. To celebrate that heritage, Nissan is launching the 45th Anniversary Edition of the GT-R in Japan.

26 Nov 2014

The Most Insane Golf You’ll Ever See!


Then to add to that bit more of insanity, they strapped two turbos onto the 5.2L V10 engine. That makes this car good for….1500 horsepower.

25 Nov 2014

The Big Fat 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe Photo Gallery


The 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe looks incredible but the Launch Edition version looks even sweeter with its carbon fiber accents around the car’s headlights, mirror covers and rear spoiler.