24 Oct 2014

Say Hello to Mazda’s Rotary Supercar: RX-9


Like the mid-engine Corvette that gets drudged up every other year, so does the rumors that encircles Mazda with bringing out a range topping rotary supercar. With rumors ranging from the company building an 800 hp twin turbo rotary monster, to a hybrid rotary NSX competitor, there seems to always be some form of rumor about the company.

23 Oct 2014



Targa! Targa! Targa! Okay, so it’s not really a party but these Throwback photos of vintage Porsches are pretty amazing. Check out those wheels, too. They would make any ride look cooler. While the new 911 Targa 4 with its fully automatic retractable roof is impressive, the 1965 original is still one hell of a classic.

23 Oct 2014

The Viper is Back!


After a long hiatus, a slump in sales, and a drastic reduction in price, Chrysler is once again reportedly resuming Viper production.

23 Oct 2014

911 Hybrid Not Coming…Yet

Autodesk VRED Professional 2014 SR1-SP7

Electrification is coming folks, but it might not be coming to everything just yet, at least at Porsche that is. According to Porsche’s hybrid guru Manfred Schurmann, while the company did just stick the same hybrid drive train from the Panamera into the Cayenne, that same approach probably won’t be throughout the rest of Porsche’s lineup.

22 Oct 2014

McLaren Releases First Glimpse into GTR Cockpit


As any fan of motorsport will tell you, it’s one’s dream to make it into the cockpit of a real-life racing car. That specific experience is saved only for a set of lucky few that are either good enough to be sponsored by a team, or the incredibly wealthy. This is definitely an article about the latter rather than the former.