16 Sep 2014

The Porsches at Road America


A few weeks ago I covered the Tudor United Sportscar Championship at Road America, I took a lot of pictures, and I’m just getting through them now. Here is a small sampling of my favorite shots of the more than 6000 I took. Read the race reports from Road America here. Check out more rides in the [...]

16 Sep 2014

Like a Sir, Bentley’s Mulsanne Speed


There are times that like a boss is the right phrase, and then there are times that you need a bit more elegance to go with your Rick Ross impressions. In those times, it transforms to like a sir! And that’s exactly what Bentley have done with its newest car, the Mulsanne Speed. Bentley took [...]

16 Sep 2014

NSFW: These Modified Porsches Will Haunt Your Dreams


There really isn’t any account for taste sometimes. Whether it be through the aftermarket, or directly through the manufacturer. And today, we are bringing you examples from both. Terrible, terrible examples. I’ll start off by saying I’m sorry for your retinas, they shouldn’t be subjected to this level of “ugh, why!” However, hopefully to get [...]

15 Sep 2014

Is It a Macan or a Macan’t?

Macan Turbo

Porsche got it wrong. That’s the title of an intriguing thread posted in the forum by 2020, a member from Atlanta about his new Macan Turbo.  When someone spends over $72,000 for a new toy, the last thing you’d expect is for it to suck. But that’s what he posted about his recent addition to his garage. [...]

15 Sep 2014

A Rare Aston Martin Zagato in the U.S.


A few weeks ago, my wife, myself and a friend of mine hit up a local British car show. We didn’t expect much, figured a few MGs, some Minis, and a bunch of Lotus’. The usual stuff from any British car show. I was gladly mistaken, not only did we see the only Ariel Atom [...]