25 Jul 2014

Want to Buy Ken Block’s Airborn Rally Car?


I loved the first Gymkhana movie to a degree that would worry clinical psychologists. His Crawford-built STI tore up El Toro Airforce Base, drifting into wood paneling with a freedom I had never seen, rattling hangars, decimating asphalt. Despite being planned to a “T”, it was the free-est driving I had ever seen. Driving at [...]

25 Jul 2014

Ford Kills My Dreams by Shooting Down the Falcon


Sad day for fans of Australian V8 RWD Sedans, Ford official launched the final edition of the Australian Ford Falcon. WHY, WHY HAS THIS BEFALLEN US!? Oh yeah, it’s become too expensive for Ford to manufacture and sell RWD Sedans only in Australia. This is really a tragedy, the Australian market has always been a [...]

25 Jul 2014

Ferrari Friday: 275 GTB/C Speciale Could Go for Mega Millions at Auction


Ferraris have always been expensive, especially old Ferraris. But lately there has been a trend at auction that has seen relatively expensive cars go for huge lumps of cash. In the last few years records continue to be shattered when it comes to older Ferraris, and honestly there is no end in sight for these [...]

25 Jul 2014

A Barnyard Find That’s Fit for a King – Elvis Presley’s 1957 BMW 507


Elvis Presley’s lipstick red 1957 BMW 507  is currently parked at the BMW Museum in Munich and is awaiting a much needed restoration. From the looks of the recently released photos, the classic car looks “All Messed Up” rather than “All Shook Up.” It sure looks like it spent more years “In the Ghetto” instead [...]

24 Jul 2014

It’s Back! The New Aston Martin Lagonda


Finally, after months of wondering what that heavily camo’d sedan that suspiciously looked like a Aston Martin, we can confirm that it indeed is a Aston Martin, and it’s bringing back a historic nameplate. The Lagonda. For those that don’t know the history of Aston Martin and the Lagonda, here is a quick refresher. In [...]