21 Aug 2014

The Dodge Hellcat is Sandbagging


Sandbagging mother…. I knew when Dodge released the Hellcat horsepower and torque figures they were sandbagging! So the factory states that the Hellcat motor is good for 707 horsepower at the crank, and figuring for a 20% driveline loss, that comes to be around 600 hp at the wheels. Well the good folks over at [...]

21 Aug 2014

Spy Shots of the Upcoming Ferrari 458…Incendiario!

Spy-Shots of Cars

No sooner did we learn that the Ferrari 458 was getting a pair of lovely turbo chargers then do we find some spy shots of the car being tested! The heavily cladded new prancing horse was seen the other day running around with a whole host of odd things attached to its magnificent body, including [...]

21 Aug 2014

Start Me Up! A Pagani Zonda Gets a Big Push at Cannes


Guy 1: “How was your trip to Cannes, man?” Guy 2: “It was great. The food was delicious, the women were gorgeous. I even saw a Pagani Zonda!” Guy 1: “Oh yeah? At a dealership or something?” Guy 2: “No. It was just on a street. I even had a chance to get my hands [...]

20 Aug 2014

It Pays to Own a Ferrari – Literally


I usually don’t like parking in the city. The traffic stinks, every other street is one-way and I have to pay for my spot on top of all that. Apparently, I’m living in the wrong place. Author Doug DeMuro was recently paid $1,000 just to park his Ferrari 360 Modena on the set of a [...]

20 Aug 2014

Got a Racecar? Sign Up for the Empire Hill Climb Revival


The automotive world needs more people like Mike Kelty. Mike has seemingly done the impossible. Mike lives in the quite little village of Empire Michigan. Empire is known for their proximity to the Sleepy Bear Dunes Nation Lake Shore, voted the most beautiful place in the U.S. back in 2011. Kelty has worked tirelessly to [...]