18 Apr 2014

The Ferrari FF Will Soon Come in Coupe FForm


The Ferrari FF is a revolutionary vehicle for the Italian automaker. It’s a four-wheel-drive shooting brake from a company known for making RWD sports cars. So, it makes sense that the prancing horse people are going to make its lines more conventional. Sort of. For 2016, the FF will be produced as a coupe alongside [...]

18 Apr 2014

Chris Harris Gets Drifty in the McLaren 650S


The McLaren MP4-12C has had a turbulent life. It was McLaren’s first road car in over a decade. It wasn’t expected to fill the shoes of the F1, but it had to do it justice. In that area, it delivered. The 12C’s performance ability was—and is—immense. Almost no other RWD car could accelerate with such [...]

17 Apr 2014

Spy Shots and Video of the LaFerrari FXX Testing at the Ring


At the Ferrari Racing Days event last weekend at Sydney Motorsports Park, Sporting Activity Department head Antonello Coletta announced that Modena was working on an FXX variant of the Enzo successor—and now it looks like the weapons-grade LaFerrari has been caught at the ‘Ring.

17 Apr 2014

This Porsche 911 is a Lemon, and it has Messed with the Wrong Guy


If you’re familiar with this site, you know Nick Murray. With his Porsche ownership serving double-duty as long-term road test content for 6SpeedOnline, Nick has been a great asset to potential Porsche owners on this site. We admire Nick for how much he loves his 991, but it seems Nick’s Porsche 911 Carrera S is failing to return the favor. You see, Nick’s 991 is a lemon. That’s not an exaggeration: there’s a lot of shit wrong with Nick’s car, the worst of which is how smoke and water fills the cabin.

17 Apr 2014

Prototype Porsche 911 GT3 RS Attacks the Nurburgring

Porsche 911 GT3 RS Ring slider

Now that the whole fire fiasco is behind us, we can get back to pining over Porsche’s most hardcore 911. It’s a hard car to hate. Even harder to hate is the GT3 RS, spotted here on the Nurburgring. The specs are unknown, but if I’m being honest, at this level of car the specs [...]