6SpeedOnline Forum Member’s 997 Turbo Build Thread is Incredible

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1135 Horsepower and 950 lb-ft of torque to the wheels at 24 psi of boost is simply spectacular, especially coming from this rowdy 997TT.

Any build thread that begins with an engine on a pallet in the back of a rental van is going to be good reading. Get the popcorn ready, because forum user “Rix” has a 15-page thread about his 997.1 Porsche 911 Turbo top speed racing build that you just have to read. This has been a couple years in the making as his 997 Turbo initially suffered a “catastrophic foreign object ingestion incident”. That was the impetus for starting a two-year slog to the point where the car is now. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing to excess. This car, by all measures, embodies that excess.

Tearing down and rebuilding a Porsche Mezger turbo engine is an endeavor in itself, but then adding in the complexity of making that engine withstand over 1200 crank horsepower is a whole other story. Using titanium connecting rods, custom pistons, huge turbos and wildly large injectors, the car was capable of over 900 horsepower. After switching to a 3″, basically unimpeded, straight pipe exhaust, the car set a huge 1135 number in the video above. Most of the time, the car runs with a BBi x-pipe in the middle, but for max bragging rights that is pulled out to make the numbers.

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After two years of wrenching, the car is finally ready to run, and has made a few passes down the runways, deep into the triple digits. With a bit more tuning, and a heavy throttle foot, this car should be waxing the competition at the runway in no time. Congrats to Rix for getting his 997 Turbo back out after such a long down time, and for making it so much faster than it ever was before. Do you think airstrip top speed racing is rad, or should Rix have just gone for a simple stock engine rebuild? Weigh in with your take on the forums.

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