Dream Drive: Porsche 991.2 Carrera 4S for 26 Laps of the Nürburgring

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Automotive journalist goes mental, while driving 26 laps of the Nürburgring in a 991.2 Porsche Carrera 4S; and proves ‘The Green Hell’ makes dreams come true.

The new 991.2 Porsche Carrera 4S is the latest all-wheel drive 911 S offering from Stuttgart. This rear-biased system is designed for added traction, in all weather conditions. So, 4S owners can easily cross full continents, without checking the 24 hour forecast. The 991.2 is a major update for the 911, for the first time ever, the full Carrera line is now turbocharged. In a decision of improving performance and emissions, Porsche has taken the same approach as many of its rivals. They decrease the engine size and add turbos to gain efficiency.

The new three liter engine, has two turbos and it is quicker than a determined soccer mom on Black Friday. The Carrera 4S has 420 horsepower, which is 5 more than the first water-cooled 911 Turbo, the 996. It does zero to sixty in just 3.6 seconds, with a PDK transmission. So what would you do, if Porsche gave you the keys to a well optioned Carrera 4S and access to the famous Nürburgring for 26 laps?


Our dream driving experience

We would drive the wheels off of it, but alas we are still waiting for our invitation from Porsche. Luckily for us, Thomas Hellmanzik of the EverydayDriver Youtube channel did get such an invite from Porsche and made an amazing video. In all fairness, Thomas lives in Germany and drives the Nürburgring as often as he can, so we can see why they chose him over us. Porsche organized the event as a lead-follow experience, so journalist don’t throw the 911 into a wall. Lead-follow means it will be slow, right?

No, ‘The Green Hell’ as named by Sir Jackie Stewart is one of the fastest and most challenging roads in the world. We say road, because it is actually a toll road, not a true racetrack. It is used for racing, but is a toll road on normal days. This is the reason you see videos of white commercial vans and old VW bugs on track.

“you can see the euphoria in his eyes, as he struggles to be able to speak while driving”

As you will see in the video, Thomas has a great time on track. In fact, you can see the euphoria in his eyes, as he struggles to be able to speak while driving. Imagine if mid-coitus, someone aimed a camera at you. Then asked you to describe the room in detail and you’ll get the idea. The combination of extreme speeds and dream-like state of enjoyment, would make anyone speechless. One thing this video proves, is how capable the Carrera 4S in the hands of a regular driver and just how amazing the Nürburgring is as a road. Watch and tell us what you think in the comments.

Patrick Stevenson is an Internet Brands' contributor to 6SpeedOnline, Honda-Tech, Corvette Forums, 5series.net, and MBworld. He is also a host on The Motor Affair Podcast.

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