Ferrari Enzo Rally Car… What?!

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Ferrari Enzo Rally Car

Let’s say you have a couple of million dollars burning a hole in your pocket. You could spend it on a fine piece of artwork. Maybe you’d buy a house? But what if you love Ferraris but also love rally racing? You buy a Ferrari Enzo and send it out on your own personal rally stage, just like this owner did!

YouTube user “TaxTheRich100” blasts out of a barn and down a muddy, dirt road splashing through puddles and kicking up stones. Is that what we’d do to our Enzo? Probably not. At one point, the driver starts to slide a bit uncontrollably and you hear the Enzo’s horn going off. Ferrari likes putting all the buttons on their steering wheel, so the driver probably accidentally hit them while trying to regain control.

Ferrari Enzo Steering Wheel

About every decade, Ferrari comes along with a new hyper exotic car. The Enzo was named after the founder of Ferrari, and up until recently was the pinnacle of Ferrari performance. The “replacement” to the Enzo is the LaFerrari, and the awesome track-only Ferrari FXX K.

Ferrari Enzo Rally Car

Just because it’s no longer the newest hyper car from Ferrari doesn’t mean that we’d take the $2 million machine and run it through the dirt. Finding replacement parts if we broke something would be quite expensive.

But, there is one thing that we cannot accuse the owner of this Ferrari of doing, and that’s not driving their car. This isn’t a car being cherished by an owner in a climate-controlled garage where someone else comes and does the maintenance onsite. It’s a car that’s driven, and we have to respect that.

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