Does Harry’s Garage Love the Mclaren 570S Spider?

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How well does McLaren’s mid-level supercar work in the real world?

A review of a supercar is usually a predictable thing. They are all written like love stories, ballads of emotion and experience and do their best to convey the unique and wondrous feeling these kinds of machines can provide. Take our 6SpeedOnline review of the McLaren 570S as an example. It’s a beautiful piece of film making about an intensely satisfying car.

But what if you want to daily drive a car like the 570S? What if you really want to know about how the doors open, and how big the trunk is? Well if you are the kind of person who is looking to buy a 570S as a commuter machine, let us point you to this video from Harry’s Garage. Harry's Garage McLaren 570S Spyder Review Drive

It is done a bit in the vein of a Doug DeMuro-style video with a rather thorough overlook at all the interesting and convenient functions. In fact, it’s more than 8-minutes into the video before the car moves under its own power for the first time. Once things get moving, it’s not burnouts and power slides, either. Instead, it’s a soft discussion about how softly the gear change is when the car is in the normal driving mode. Harry even talks about the Start/Stop function.

We are not going to lie, the video can be dry in places, and at 21-minutes long, it drags on much farther than it ever should. But if you want a proper deep dive into what it would be like to actually live with, commute with, and hop to the shops with, we haven’t seen a more thorough video yet.

Just don’t forget to watch Manuel’s video we linked above when you get done, so you remember why people love the car to start with.

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