Porsche 991.2 GT3 RS Weissach Package: the Ultimate 911?

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The 991.2 GT3 RS is about as close as you can come to automotive perfection, even without a manual transmission.

When you’re talking about Porsche vehicles, picking a favorite isn’t always that easy. Heck, simply choosing your favorite 911 is a rather daunting task, because there are so many good ones. But if you’re a purist like us, the 991.2 GT3 RS is probably at or near the top of your list. Combine natural-aspiration with a car designed to lap any track at eye popping times, and that’s pretty much perfection in our eyes.

Exotic car rental mastermind, and part-time YouTube personality superspeedersRob agrees, of course. And he was lucky enough to get a shot at driving this Kermit the Frog Green (actually called Lizard Green) 991.2 GT3 RS recently. But instead of just boring us with all the details we already know about the car, Rob spends his time telling us about all the little cool details it possesses. Which sounds like a good use of time to us.

Porsche 991.2 GT3 RS

Like the digital display in the instrument panel, which sports a cool dancing torque “ball” inside it. This particular car is also equipped with the Weissach Package, so it’s got every single bell and whistle available. But even that won’t save you from Porsche’s unique digital oil checker. A feature that ensures you’re all filled up prior to taking off. Because who wants to grenade the motor in a $250k car?

Porsche 991.2 GT3 RS

Quirky, yes. But totally worth it. Especially when you consider that the 991.2 GT3 RS might just be the last of its naturally-aspirated breed. Sadly, opting for the RS means that you’ll have to “settle” for an automatic transmission. But this is a car that sounds and goes like few others on the road today. Or, as Rob puts it, “the GT3 is such a proper, fun car” guaranteed to give you “an ear to ear grin.” And for us, that matters a lot more than lap times.

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