Road-Legal 1997 Porsche 911 GT1 Evolution Soon to Sell

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Porsche never pursued a 1990’s supercar, yet out of their racing campaign a handful of 993-911 GT1s were destined to public roads and rumor has it this is the only one available. This is not just any 1997 Porsche 911 GT1 either. It was updated in an era with top PCNA factory bits including an Evolution Package. Sure you can find an era-specific race machine 911 GT1 with pro livery sketched-on like the one sold in 2012 at Gooding & Co though you won’t find a clean street version of a GT1 Evolution like this one.

As with any Porsche the chassis character and engine is at the heart of the machine’s fascination which is massively exaggerated on this detuned racecar. While it’s not adorned with fashionable bits sprinkled about like leather and red or yellow stitching it is built with speed in mind that is comparable to race cars today. I’ve not yet driven the GT1 but during my time with Boxsters, 911 Turbos and GT2s I can imagine the elongated, low, light, midship engine layout is most definitely phenomenally composed at high speed. Calm and controlled just as the video shows below with a GT1 flying past arch-rival McLaren during a race.

The prototype chassis is built like a birdcage cover and supported with carbon fiber bringing chills to my back side. It’s three consecutive wins in the Canadian GT Championship are a direct result of top German engineering. Matching the futuristically designed chassis and sexy carbon aero body rests an air and water-cooled 3.1-liter flat-six cylinder engine fitted with twin KKK turbos twirling out a uncomfortable 600 HP+ to throw you deep back into those fixed racing bucket seats.

Selling this May through RM-Sotheby’s it is estimated to pull in the proximity of $2.9 to $3.25 million U.S. dollars as it rolls across the auction block in Monaco. Hopefully they kick this beast on at auction for Porsche racing engines fill the room with boxer punches Vrrooommmm!

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