Top 5 Most Thrilling Attributes of the GT2 RS

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The baddest 911 is back and faster than ever. Porsche factory driver Lars Kern explains why.

Lately, we’ve been big fans of the Porsche Top 5 video series on YouTube. They’re fun, informative, action-packed, and well-produced, with no filler. This installment is no different, and is centered around the new 991 GT2 RS.

Like the 997 GT2 RS, the 991 GT2 RS aims to be the most brutal 911 variant available. Porsche factory test driver Lars Kern aims to show off some of the best attributes of the GT2 RS. It will shed some light on the amazing performance offered by this machine.

First off, the aerodynamic aids are simply startling. That huge front splitter delivers 200 kg of downforce, that’s 441 pounds in American. It’s also enough to rip it off if the mounting points, if they weren’t wire-reinforced, like a bridge. The rear diffuser, mostly hidden under the car, delivers a whopping 400 kg of downforce in concert with the wing. That massive downforce helps the GT2 RS stick to the track like Velcro. Porsche 911 GT2 RS Top 5 Attributes Facts Figures Stats Details

You’ll also notice dramatically more scoops on the GT2 RS than any 911 previously. For the first time in the history of the 911, the front hood has NACA ducts for brake cooling. Meanwhile, those familiar finned front fenders help air to escape from the wheel wells. Out back, massive side scoops suck in air to feed the intercoolers, with additional cold air intake scoops on the engine cover take in air that comes over the sloping roofline.


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Plenty of weight-saving technologies were employed on the GT2 RS, with carbon fiber hood, fenders, and wing working together with lightweight rear and quarter window glass and a magnesium roof to help shave off every unnecessary ounce.

The exhaust is made from titanium, which has high heat resistance in addition to light weight. That’s crucial, given that it’s based on the classic 935 system, which uses very short pipes that produce an unmistakable sound. Kern states that the exhaust will be seen glowing orange after hot-lapping.

With 700 horsepower on tap, you might be surprised to learn that the GT2 RS is rear-wheel drive only. With a 0-60 time of just 2.7 seconds, it’s clear that this monster has no trouble putting all of that power to the ground.

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