Trading a 2005 Ford GT for a 2019 Model Proves Bittersweet

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Last gen Ford GT is one of the greatest cars in recent history. But a 13-year-old promise must be kept!

When it comes to the Ford GT and its two generations, opinions vary widely. Pretty much everyone can agree that the last gen, powered by a supercharged, modular 5.4-liter V8, was something truly special. It effectively captured the spirit of the legendary Le Mans-winning GT40 in a tidy and attractive street-going package. The latest Ford GT certainly delivers on both looks and performance. But Ford’s decision to stick a 3.5-liter Ecoboost V6 in the thing has drawn ire from many. Still, simply having the choice between owning either is a problem most folks would love to have.

So you could say that Karl Brauer is a lucky guy. The YouTuber and blogger, seen above, has spent the last several years documenting his ownership experience with his blue/white 2005 Ford GT, and it’s appeared in multiple notable publications. He’s also accumulated 31,000 miles on it, taking several long distance trips over the years. But upon first acquiring the car, he made a prediction that came true just recently, 13 years later.

Ford GT

“My Ford GT will go up for sale as soon as soon as another car comes along with a richer race history, better performance, more compelling looks, a superior combination of comfort, refinement and build quality, greater reliability and a lower MSRP.”

Outside of MSRP, the new Ford GT hits all those marks. And thus, Brauer is moving on. And he couldn’t have found a better guy to sell his ’05 to than fellow YouTube automotive personality Doug DeMuro. Which means we certainly haven’t seen the last of this particular Ford GT. In fact, given DeMuro’s reputation for overly in depth reviews, we’ll probably see more of it than ever before!

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