Buy This Racetrack; Free Home Included

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There isn’t much better in this world than taking a powerful car and flogging it around a racetrack. Having a place to safely and legally explore the upper reaches of a car’s performance envelope is an addicting and satisfying experience. The only problem is actually finding a track to play around on. Most major tracks around the country do offer times for you to lap your own car, but you have to worry about scheduling, track entry costs, travel to get there and more.

But you can solve all those problems with nothing but a signature.

And by signature, I mean one on the bottom of a check that you are using to buy this new house with. Over in the UK region of Mid Ulster there is a house for sale that comes complete with its own race track. The property is a 33-acre spread and it features other things like a workshop, gatehouse, leisure area and a pool. But you could just knock all that stuff down and expand your race track, or maybe make a dirt course instead. You know, for rally racing and stuff.

If you live in the UK and want to own a house with its own track, you can hit up the PropertyPal website to find this home. No price is listed, but I think it’s safe to say that it won’t be cheap.


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