Porsche Cayman 718 GT4 Does Everything Right and We Need It Now

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New high-performance Porsche Cayman 718 GT4 has us asking: Why buy a 911, again?

Porsche always does a good job at making us smile. After the exhilarating experience that the previous Cayman GT4 brought us with its razor-sharp tuned 3.8L flat-six from the 911 Carrera S, we weren’t sure if the package at the price point could get any better. We are happy to admit we were wrong. This video brought to us by Porsche’s YouTube channel debuts the new Cayman GT4 for 982 generation and its got us more than excited. Let’s get into some more details.

Although the Cayman now has 718 in its name, we are blessed to know that the GT4 is not sporting the bemoaned four-cylinder turbo, otherwise this could have gone in a very different direction. This time around Porsche has stayed true to what they know best: a 4.0L, 8000 RPM, 414 HP flat-six. That means slightly more power than the last GT4 and a wider torque band, but the same acceleration time at 0-62 MPH in 4.4 seconds. We didn’t complain about the previous power output or off the line speed, so we will happily take the power bump.

However, this is not the same engine we saw in the previous GT4, it has been modernized and engages in new technology that Porsche has integrated into many of their newer models, such as cylinder deactivation. However, if you are buying the GT4 with fuel economy as a factor, you’re simply missing the entire purpose of the car. Speaking of buying, you can expect a $100,000 price tag to be attached to this ultimate Cayman model.


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Does it look drastically different than the previous GT4? No it does not, but you shouldn’t expect it to. The styling has been slightly updated, but, if you haven’t noticed, Porsche has kept the same design language in their vehicles for more decades than we can remember. However, one substantial change you will see is a 50% increase in overall downforce due to tweaks in the fixed rear wing, rear diffuser, and front splitter. Downforce is always welcome on the racetrack and you best believe the GT4 will see track miles. We would be very sad to see any Porsche with “GT” in its name not at the local track day.

However, does that mean that the GT4 is a pure-bred track focused beast that has no road manners? It’s far from that, we would better describe it as an heavy-hitting all-rounder. Head of GT cars at Porsche, Andreas Preuninger, describes this best in this quote: “You would rather dance with the car than drive it”. If it takes two to tango and our date is a new GT4, we’ll be happily dancing all night.

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