Underground Racing Dominates the Scene at TX2K19 Race

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Fifteen customer cars prepped by UGR took part in this year’s competition, including a 3,500-horsepower Lamborghini.

When most people think of Lamborghinis, they usually think of them as high-priced, high-performance exotics that hardly see the street, let alone the strip. Yet, there are plenty Lambo owners who get the most out of their cars, and then some, through competitions like TX2K in Houston, Texas.

One such owner, the Underground Racing team led by KC Howeth, brought a few of their cars out to TX2K19 earlier this year, surrounded by 15 other customer cars, including one owned by the eventual winner of the event, Coy Christmas. YouTube channel That Racing Channel spent some time checking out UGR’s fleet of Lamborghinis.

UGR Lamborghini

“We had the Drag 965 car,” said Howeth. “It’s always at most of the events. Nothing really new with that one. Came out here, had a good time, ran 228 [mph]. Last year, we went 229 [mph]. Got a little traction issue this year with a little bit more power, so we had to dial it back.”

“Most importantly, Coy Christmas, a brand new client of ours, he’s done a Stage 3 recently,” said Howeth. “You’ve probably seen it online. It’s got the [Darth Vader] wrap on it with the gangster-ass chain with the Lambo emblem on the front. A really cool car, really cool guy.”

Christmas also bought an X Version upgrade from UGR, per Howeth, which went into his newly wrapped Huracan. Though he never drove a car with the upgrade before, UGR helped him navigate the massive power and performance to the top in TX2K’s Elite 8 division.

UGR 3500-HP Lamborghini

“When you come out here at TX2K, you’re looking at Underground cars, you’re gonna see everything from a 1,250-horsepower car on race gas, to a 3,000-plus-horsepower car,” said Howeth. “You never know when you see an Underground car what you’re going to be racing against, but there’s a wide selection.”


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Howeth adds that the difference between the Stage 3 and X Version packages are the transmissions they’re used with. The X Version currently handles “dog-box transmissions,” but the team is working on a DCT X Version package, which currently is being tested on the red Huracan. The 3,500-horsepower Lambo with the X Version DCT variant is so powerful that it pulls a wheelie off the line.

UGR Lamborghini

“One of the most impressive things about these cars out here that people may not realize is that these cars are full street cars,” said Howeth. “Full interior, AC, stereo, the whole deal. Not only that, we’re not on big drag slicks doing 228 miles per hour. We’re doing this on regular Toyo R [888]s, a regular street tire, regular street car. We can turn the boost down, put some pump gas in it, drive home, pick up some ladies, take them to the movies, do the whole thing.”

Tons of UGR’s Lamborghinis and Audi R8s, theirs and their customers, made TX2K19 their playground, from the shakedown sessions all the way to the big dance under the darkness of night. More than a few recorded speeds above 200 mph, including the Drag 965 Huracan TT, which pulled the fastest speed at TX2K at 227.80 mph.

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