Get Your Nerd on with This GT3 RS Alignment

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There’s no feeling quite like driving away from the shop with a fresh alignment, and in this video we see exactly how it happens.

We are big fans of Obsessed Garage and his video, featuring Matt Moreman and his GT3 RS, brings his usual level of detail to the table. In a previous video, he played with the ride height. The GT3 RS is actully known for having a slightly higher ride height than the standard GT3. Porsche engineers tell us the extra 3mm over is because they found it to be ‘optimum for most conditions’. However, it’s generally known to be because the RS version had rubbing issues. Having adjusted the ride height, the next step is an alignment.

Porsche GT3 RS alignment

Moreman is looking for a more aggressive set up than stock, but not a full track-based alignment. They start by pulling up the factory alignment details and then see what the actual measurements are on the car. The Hunter Engineering company system shows Moreman’s GT3 RS isn’t far off the original settings.

Moreman has a good idea of what he wants and doesn’t go nuts and change everything. While he’s there he also gets the corner balance checked. It’s probably not something any RS needs with just suspension and alignment changes, but worth double checking while it’s on the ramp.

What’s particularly cool about this video is he keeps the camera rolling and follows the adjustments so we can see the whole process. Including the toe adjustment, which isn’t as straightforward as an average car. The shop does a thorough job and offers the attention to detail Moreman is looking for. And if you’ve been following Moreman you’ll know that something like even a minutely crooked wheel would actually drive him crazy. We’re curious to know if he notices any real-world difference from the alignment when just driving on the road. Hopefully, he’ll talk about it in a follow-up video.

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